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Shine Rugs is the company that offers the highest quality, direct from factory Patchwork Cowhide Rugs. We customize any size and any color. We work with all pure, natural hides, so it's a good thing to always let you know that given that each hide has its own variation, no two hides ever look the same. This makes every leather area rug always turn out unique. Founded by two brothers with a long family tradition in stock and hide tanning, Shine Rugs settled their factory with great tradition in leather tanning and cowhide manufacturing, where every design is especially bespoke made with the highest attention to detail. We start our process by hand selecting every cow hide before cutting the chosen pattern, which gives every design a tailor finish. At Shine Rugs we use all natural colors (white, beige, caramel, gray, brindle, brown and black) and our special dyed blue and light blue colors. This variety captures the best from the natural world, respecting its harmonious tones and hues. We work closely with interior designers, stylists, constructors and architects from around the world to produce custom carpets to fit their needs. We are always open to new ideas and new designs. This gives our customers the freedom to ask for their own ideas and express themselves through our products.

Shine Rugs is a Patchwork Cowhide Rug factory that offers a great selection of the finest designs, respecting the softness, shine and body of the world’s best quality hides. With offices located in San Francisco, we offer worldwide shipping direct from our factory. This is important as to be able to maintain our prices competitive and affordable without compromising our quality. At Shine Rugs we work with leather experts, plus our own designers who keep up with the daily and latest trends, designs, colors, patterns and styles. Shine Rugs’ designer collection includes our classic Patch Cow Hide Rug designs (Stripes, Squares, Cube, Bricks); our always stylish Chevron and Moorish Star leather area rugs; the always classy Diamond Design, together with the Laberinto Rug; the modern Kata Rug and the Envelope Design. Celebrating the addition of the fantastic Toto Rug, the intrinsic River Rug and our incredible Houndstooth pattern Patch Cowhide Rug. Besides from the online catalog collection, we always work with interior designers, architects, stylists and constructors customizing Cowhide Rugs and Sheepskin Rug designs to fit any and every type of project including homes, hotels, receptions, offices, second homes, clubs, restaurants, bars and inside gardens among others. At Shine Rugs you are always getting the full experience: personalized assistance bringing you premium, high quality in the world, paired with the experience of leather expert artisans at the best prices, direct from factory, worldwide.