Gray Patchwork Cowhide Rug Classic Chevron Design No. 276

High Quality Chevron Patchwork Cowhide Rug In Soft Gray Tones With A Delicate Border

With a modern twist on a classic look, this Chevron pattern is the perfect mix of elegance and liveliness. Entirely made using only the highest quality selection of natural light gray hides, it is mounted on our special cotton ribbon, and then finished with subtle and resistant zigzag stitching. This durable rug has its all-natural soft suede on the back, giving it incredible grip, so there’s no need for an under pad. Each unique hair-on-hide shows its variation along the whole rug, adding texture to any kind of style and decor. This meticulously assembled patchwork cowhide rug can be customized in any size.

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Handcrafted custom patchwork
hide rug, manufactured by
experienced leather artisians


Shine Rugs High Quality Patchwork Cowhide Rugs

Pattern - Shinerugs

Item Details

• Pattern: Chevron / Herringbone with delicate border
• Design #276
• Color: Light, Creamy Gray
• Material: Hair on hide - 100% genuine leather
• Backing: Natural Soft Suede (High Quality. Has Incredible Grip. No Under Pad Needed)
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• We customize any size, any color.
• Care of the rug: Vacuum cleaner (no brush)
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